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digital assistant for better interaction with the patient

patients have used the solution 


of the patients believe that the consultation improved

98 %

specialists have contributed to creating the solution


time saved per consultation, according to the practitioners


Digitized medical history

  • Easier working day for the therapist

  • Better quality in the consultation

  • Safer and more satisfied patients

  • The solution is available in Norwegian, Swedish and English

We are healthcare professionals who want to improve the meeting between patient and doctor. Based on the situations we experience every day, we have developed a digital assistant that supports us throughout the consultation, and gives us more time for what is most important: helping the patient.

We are healthcare professionals

Our services

We supply tools for better consultations: form for obtaining medical history, triage, queue management at the clinic, and checklists for examination and diagnosis. Developed by healthcare personnel to provide a better everyday life in the clinic.


We deliver solutions for communication with respondents, as well as the collection and processing of data in research projects. Safe and easy to adapt to both small and large research projects.


We deliver digital solutions for form building and communication with users. Modern architecture and built-in privacy make it easy to create good e-health solutions based on the users' needs. 

Ear nose throat
Health station



Preforma gives the patient the opportunity to outline their purpose for the consultation, and also provides me with information about their medical history and medications. This is a great starting point for communication with the patient.

Kathe Aase


Preforma makes your day easier and more efficient. I am completely up-to-date on the patient's medical history before the patient arrives, and can concentrate on the meeting with the patient.

Mariane Larsen Helland


Preforma makes the day easier and more efficient. I am completely up-to-date on the patient's medical history before the patient arrives, and can concentrate on the meeting with the patient.

Kristine Hagen Hylleseth, Physiotherapist

Preforma saves me a lot of writing work, while at the same time the patients get to reflect better on their complaints before the consultation. In this way, I am better equipped to sharpen the investigation so that I can help them in the best possible way

Henriethe Tangeland

Physical therapist


Together with OsloMet, Preforma develops tools for improving sexual health for everyone, regardless of background and life situation.

Sexual health

Together with UiB and partners in the UK and Denmark, Preforma is contributing to the project "Menopause, health services and sustainable work participation", which will be one of the largest research projects on menopause in Norway. The project is part-financed by the Grieg Foundation. 

Research on menopause


Preforma participates in the consortium that aims to create the first human endocrine virtual twin model in the world. The model is based on implemented, demonstrated and validated data about the hormonal system. The project is done in collaboration with a number of European universities and health institutions.

Virtual health twin

Sex and society is Norway's largest center for sexual and reproductive health and rights. Together with Sex and society, Preforma has developed methods and tools to understand the health situation of all young people, regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation.

Health for all

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